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22pcs Pretend Play Cash Register | Wooden Toys | Montessori Toys
22pcs Pretend Play Cash Register | Wooden Toys | Montessori Toys
22pcs Pretend Play Cash Register | Wooden Toys | Montessori Toys
22pcs Pretend Play Cash Register | Wooden Toys | Montessori Toys

22pcs Pretend Play Cash Register


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Toy Type: Pretend Play
Materials: Wood
Age Range: 3 Years & up
Toy Type: Montessori Toy
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Product Information

  • Your customer has picked out all their groceries, and now it's time to check out! ring up each item on your cash register and give your customer their total.
  • Are they paying with cash or a card? you can handle both! open up the drawer and make change, or swipe your card!
  • If they pay with cash, use your register to make exact change, and if they pay with a card, swipe it through your card reader. after you thank them for coming, you're ready to take the next customer in line!
  • Type the price of each item on the big buttons, give the total, collect your money and make change. each change & charge cash register includes metallic play coins, bills, and two credit cards.
  • Sharpens simple arithmetic skills, and encourages social skills through working with others. this cash register measures 8" long, 6. 5" tall and 6. 5" wide, and is great for ages 3 and up. 

Why Buy Montessori Toys?

Wooden toys and in particular Montessori Toys make an excellent alternative to the more commonplace plastic toys, not only are they better for the environment, but they can be cherished by generations to come.

Montessori philosophy is based on encouraging children to explore the world around them. Montessori toys are generally very simple -  you won’t find any flashing lights, buzzes, chimes or whistles here. They are also non branded, not advertising cartoon characters or corporate logos. They simply are wooden toys with simple moving parts such as wheels and rope shaped simply. They make the ideal toy for developing your baby through those important milestones.

Natural wood is one of the best material for children's toys! The eco-friendly wood used to manufacture our toys is 100% safe and beneficial for your children's senses and development.

What’s more, with the purchase of every item, we give something back in what we call “From Nature to Nature”.

From Nature To Nature

Harvesting wood from nature for a good purpose - our children, we want to be sure to give back more than we take. That is why we have partnered with to plant a tree for every item purchased in our store. Check out our blog and One Tree Planted Information section to learn more.

Your individual handcrafted wooden toy will forever be connected to the life of a new tree that our partners will plant with each item sold. So not only will you be giving a wonderful gift, but you will be giving back to the planet.

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